Magento Optimized Hosting

What is Magento?

The Magento eCommerce platform combines the flexibility of open-source technology with industry-leading features to provide merchants unprecedented control over store operations

With Magento, the web designer has finally got the chance to create visually stunning ecommerce stores whilst running a highly professional ecommerce solution.

Magento Optimized Hosting

Since Magento is feature rich and full of functionality, it requires a specific hosting environment which is "optimized" to enable it to run as fast as possible. At HHH we provide the optimal hosting environment specifically for Magento, resulting in blazing fast load times and rapid store navigation when compared to ordinary web hosting providers. In fact, compare our demo stores which other hosting providers' demo stores, and you should witness the difference.

Budget, Managed VPS & Managed Dedi Hosting Plans

We offer a variety of plans to suit various hosting requirements. Our Budget plans are suitable for small stores running on a budget. As these plans are hosted on shared servers with other customers, additional security measures are in place to ensure a safe environment. For stores requiring increased performance and the security of not sharing a server, we have a range of Managed VPS plans, and for stores requiring totally dedicated resources our Managed Dedi plans are available. Both VPS and dedicated servers have further optimization resulting in even faster website/store loading times.

Demo Stores

Demo store running on Budget Mini Plan
Demo store running on Managed VPS Mini plan